Friday, July 25, 2008

intresting bird happening in my house

Pair of birds was building a nest in our house. We used to protect them from crows etc. Birds building nests and hatching are not un-common in our house. But after this egg was hatched and the chick came out we noticed some thing interesting.

The parent birds were looking like this.

But the chick was very much different.

The nest where the chick was hatched

It was really different to see a different chick hatching from a different species of parent. We have heard of this kind of incident in crows and koel. But this is a completely different species of bird. Is this kind of incident common in all bird species?

There is some thing more. After my dad told me about this I went to take some photos of this chick. For almost one hour the parent (foster) birds were safeguarding the chick. The chick was not able to fly for long distance.

It can be seen in these photos both the parent birds were always trying to warn the chick.

One more intresting thing is the chicks wing looks like a maina but its head looks more like another bird (I forgot the name) which has a small cap on its head.

If some one who knows more about birds can explain this phenomenon it will be great.

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