Monday, December 13, 2010

Kodayar lower camp

Kodayar is a very bueatiful place. There is two stages for the dam. The upper dam is in trinelveli dist and the lower one in kanyakumari district. I went till the lower kodar dam. The upper was one mile above this. The only way to reach it is either through a "winch" or take a detour through tirunelveli (around 160 - 200 Km)

Bangalore Mysore Ooty Avalanche Coonoor Salem Bangalore - The monsoon trip

Few friends from ITC infotech planned to do a bike trip. The trip itself was fun and thrilling. The details of the trip can be found in the photolog. The trip was done during Aug 2010.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trip to hogenakkal and yercaud, Bypassing the bypasses

Since the monsoon started i wanted to go some forest. There were lot of forest in the list. It started from bandipur, Nagerhole, shimoga, etc.. But finally ended up in hogenakkal and Yercaud
Before i start the travelougue a small prelude. Friday after noon, my thunderbird was in the parking of my office. It was in the same place for 3 weeks. It needed some major overhaul (or thats what i thought). Around 2.00 PM called manjunath motors and told them to fix the kicker so that i can start the bike and take it in for service (to change the tires, battery, oil service etc) . But then after the kicker was fixed i thought i will give it for service after some time. I also had some plan to go for some jogging next morning.

Sat morning, we (me and my panther) rode to ulsoor lake and after going some distance i wanted to just keep riding. So i finished some running and then came home. I was tired and the thought of riding went away.. For about an hour. Around 9.00 AM, got up from the couch and opened my laptop (google maps) to check if there is any "Forest" close to bangalore. It was a nice climate and i didnot want to miss it. I saw some green patches in near hosur. Thought i will go to hosur and have lunch may be ride some where into the green cover and come back.

Day 1: Bangalore-Hosur-Denkanikottai, Anchetti, Billigunda, hogenakkal, Pennagaram, Mecheri, Salem

11.00 Am - Started from Bangalore with a small backpack and reached hosur around 1.00. Had lunch and was cheking my mobile maps. It seemed as if hogenakkal was close by. There was two roads to the falls. One was through pennagaram which was in the map. There was also another one thhrough anchetti, billigunda. After billigunda there was no road in the map and the route was running close to kaveri.

1.00 Pm -Decided to take the route closest to kaveri. It was a wonderful route. Full of green and fresh landscape thanks to the monsoon. For some part (around 10 km) the road was dug up. So had to ride along the road.

On the route i saw an small river with little water flowing through it. Saw some kids plucking Jamun from a tree. Rode into the river and plucked some jamuns. Got only a few. Got some more from the kids and rode along.
4.00 Pm. Saw something white close to the road. It was kaveri. Rode off the road into the vegetation and parked close to the river. Spent some peacefull time there. 5Km down the river was the falls. spent some time near the falls. Got some new friends there. Asked them about any decent place to spend the night. They told Dharmapuri or salem. Salem.. Sounded "Close" to me because it is close to yercaud. :)

5.30 Started from the falls. Had two routes. Take the route through dharmapuri and ride on the NH or go through mechere which was more of ghat roads (not big mountains). Around 6.00 After pennagaram it started to drizzle. Took a break and had a tea. After i left the place it started to rail heavily. Took a break in a bus stop. Then it was dark and almost 6.30 Pm.

When i continued from there i rode into a small pool of water. It covered half the bike and then the engine went off. It was pitch dark and was drizzling. Removed the spark plug wiped it and again started. Boom.. it started immediately. Reliability of the bullet. Reached Salem around 8.00 PM and checked in to a hotel. Was damn tired. Had some tasty briyani and chilli fish and hit the bed.

Day 2. Salem to Yercaud and more of yercaud

Started from salem at 8.00 AM. Its was a bueatiful ride to the top. The Climate was again very good. Typical monsoon morning. It was green all the way up. Reached the lake at 10.00. It was a slow ride. Had a nice hot tea here and then checked the maps.

The lake is only a starting point to yercaud. There are many routes that could be taken from here. First i took the route towards nagalur. There was a view point. It was a nice ride. How ever when i reached the peak found the entire place covered with concrete. Its very bad to put so much concrete in such a scenic place. I came some 200 meters down from the place. There was a nice place with grass to sit and with a bueatiful view. Sat there for almost an hour. It was a nice experience.

On the way back from here saw a estate with orange trees. There was guy selling orange fruits plucked from the garden.

Came down and saw a sign board for water falls. Went to the place which was 2.5 kms from the lake. From there another 500mts walk. But there was no falls. we have to walk another 300 feet "Down" from there. Remember it is not 300 feet distance but 300 feet depth which should be covered in some 500 meters distance. It was too steep. Went half way. Felt too risky for me expecially when i was alone. So came back . Was able to see few families who were misled by the board and they were also comming back cursing every one. The walk might be intresting if you have gone as a team. But still too risky

Came back to the lake. Visited the park near the lake. It was small but still bueatiful. The lake itself is a nice place to sit and relax. Had lunch in hotel sheveroys. It was a good place. Thought of going to pagoda point and then leave back to bangalore. But then i felt very bad to leave the place. Went to pagoda point. Spent some time there. Called up sheveroys again and asked for accomodation. They had room available. So checked in. I wanted to see the salem city lights during night from the view point. Had similar experience in coonor and yelagiri. It will be a magical experirence to see so many light litting up slowly
Went to ladys seat. There was a man drawing protrait. Drew mine and was spending some time there. But then the view was not very good due to mist. Still stayed there for some more time. It started to rain again. Made some nice friends there, all 40+ age who has come from salem. We were able to see the rain comming from the distance. It slowly engulfed the place. The view point shelter was of no use. we almost completely drained. The rain slowed down only to be covered with thick cloud. It was so thick that we could only see 10 feet. We started to leave. Even with full bright headlight we were not able to see anything. Those friends guided me till the hotel. Had some nice dinner and slept.
Day 3. Yercaud - Uthangarai- Krishnagiri - bangalore
Got up around 6.00 AM. It was no nice climate did not feel like getting up. Ordered tea and then breakfast, it was already 8.00 AM. Took bath and started at 9.00 AM. Now we have two ways down from yercaud. One is the nice road through which i came. There is also another route in the map. Tried to take the second route.

It was a very good decision. (apart from the fact that i was delayed by another 2 hours). The route was so prestine. Check the youtube video

On the was my bullet reached its 50000 Kms. Stopped there for some time and we both celebrated the great occasion along with the trees and birds. Invited some monkeys to join the occasion, but they refused.

We came down slowly and reached the foothill. Had a tea there and asked the options i have to reach bangalore. The tea shopkeeper told that i can go to salem and go from there or i can take the Uthangarai route where i will save 20 kms. But it will be the same timing because the salem route will be the highway.

I choose the shorter but more scenic route. It was a nie route again. No traffic, good road. for the first 20 kms it was nice scenic route. After that it was a normal route but less boring compared to the highway till Krishnagiri. From krishnagiro to bangalore took the Highway to save time.

Over all it was a great experience and my panther stood with me.

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